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Power Lunch Podcast: Shauna Mackenzie


Hooray!  The Power Lunch Podcast is back.  You can listen to it above or download using  iTunes.

Today I chat with Shauna MacKenzie – a friend, entrepreneur and business confidant.  Shauna is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Best Kept Self, a practical guide in the areas of beauty, style, career, wellness, and relationships.  I often look to her to for advice on my own business as I find her entrepreneurial story fascinating.  Shauna is also one of those hard working, take no prisoner types that keeps you pushing for more too.  As you can tell – I’m a big fan.

Best Kept Self

During the show we talk about the Collective.  Learn more from each one of these experts here – pictured R-L:

Megan Brandle, Style Editor
Kristin Pavao, Beauty Editor
Shauna MacKenzie, Editor in Chief
Jessie Maher, Wellness Editor
Margaret Bjork, Career Editor


I HIGHLY encourage you to sign up to get Shauna’s Monday Motivation videos (latest above).  They are the perfect way to start out your week.  Also, if you want to get on the next Best Kept Self RX subscription box you can find out more here.

Shauna – thank you for coming on the show.  I always have so much fun talking business with you.  Excited to share a little bit of that with the world today.   ~A

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