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The Power Lunch: Sailboat on Lake Champlain The Tyler Place


We just returned from our best family vacation.  Well, our only vacation.  We’ve been fortunate to go on several wonderful trips.  But I can’t say since having children I’ve ever come home relaxed or refreshed.

(Did I tell you how my kids threw up three times – car, hotel room, new hotel room – before we even entered Disney World?  I paid off the hotel valet to dispose of the vomit soaked car seat.  Good times.)

Tyler Place is a Vermont resort best described as family camp.  With 85 years of experience they’ve thought of everything.  Fun activities, good people, great food, better drinks and the happiest kids on earth.  As the ultimate vote of approval we already signed up to go again next year.

The Power Lunch: Maribelle on Climbing Wall Tyler Place



Big social media followings are the modern currency for marketing success.  But are these critical numbers for your business?

Tyler Place has a decent following – currently 1439 on Instagram, 9456 on Facebook and 1439 on Twitter.

And look who’s in those 1439 followers:

Damn son.

Before we made our reservations, we were on a waiting list for six months.  They sell out every year.  Millions of people don’t follow Tyler Place, but the right people do.

The Power Lunch:  Alesya Jay Peak Vermont



While chatting with other guests a popular topic was how you discovered the resort.  Answers fell in one of three categories.

1.  Reviews:  The Trip Advisor ratings are so good you think they’re fake – over 92% are five stars.  Through an end-of-stay questionnaire the owners kindly ask you post your comments to relevant travel sites.  Make the same requests to your clients.

2. PR:  Many of TP’s mentions are “Best Family Vacations” lists.  Rising to the top of the press pile is a New York Times 2002 first person account still yielding new clients 15 years later.  Go for your big PR win.  It’s worth it.

3.  Word of Mouth:  The gold standard in advertising.  My husband heard about TP while playing golf with a new friend in New Jersey.  We did a little extra checking, but getting a glowing Tyler Place review in person (‘the only kids program my kids actually liked’) sold it.  What are you doing to make your business brag-worthy?

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