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BRAND: Erika Firm


Erika Frim: The Power Lunch

Erika is a talented artist and designer.  She’s created dozens of corporate brands and products.  Painting is her favorite hobby and paper is her favorite medium.  She threw up when the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year was announced but her love for green endures.

While being insanely creative, Erika has a real mind for business.  She owned an industry leading stationery company called delphine.  Anytime I’m drooling over someone’s work in the paper industry she’s all, “Oh I love her too – when Susan and I were in France together we found the best face cream.”  Color me impressed. 

Erika is also a master pinner.  Each one of her boards reflects her work, personality and fantastic taste.  It’s how I found her.

After visiting Erika’s studio I discovered why she has her Pinterest black belt.  Here life is one giant beautiful board.  With no staging, here are a few scenes from her studio.  She knows how to put it all together while staying true to her own brand.

The Power Lunch: Erika Firm Studio

The Power Lunch: Erika Firm Studio

IDEA: Make a Pinterest Connection

While attending the Southern C Summit the Creative Operations Lead of Pinterest,  Nikki Bazzani, told us people use their platform to collect ideas for major life events.  The most obvious example of this is wedding planning.  Dresses, invitations, flowers, lighting, tablescapes, etc.

Rebranding this site was a major business event for me.  It had to be a departure from the Alesya Bags branding.  I knew I wanted color and pattern.  I also wanted a single designer – rather than a firm – and ideally the person should be local.

After several internet deep dives I found  Erika Firm on Pinterest.  Boards like this made me excited:


Erika uses Pinterest as a client tool too.  We had a secret board to pin ideas together.  It not only clarified the new brand, but guaranteed we were in sync.  Here’s our final mood board – it makes me jump up and down while quickly clapping.


The Power Lunch Mood Board by Erika Frim


  1.  Think about where you fit into your client’s life.  Pin your items based on that event.  It may be obvious – if you’re a restaurant whose graduation parties create a “2018 St. Louis Graduate” board with decor, local vendors and your own food ideas.  It may also be less obvious – for instance if you make coffee pots try creating a “Kitchen Renovation” board to showcase the overall style of your brand.
  2. Give people what they want.  After further research I found Erika had a board for each one of her clients.  It’s exactly what I wanted to see.  Show your clients what they care about – the process they will go through, final products or how your brand will look in their home.
  3. Research your ideal client on Pinterest to see what they care about.  I often visit my sister’s Things I Like board for gift ideas.  This Christmas I gave her an InstaPot and knew it was a winner when she started an InstaPot recipe board.

Thank you for reading the very first post on The Power Lunch.  I’ll be here every weekday with a new marketing idea and how you can use it.  To learn more start here.  And if you have a marketing idea you’re dying to share, reach out.  ~A



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