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Can the iPad Replace Your Laptop?


Since Apple released it’s Magic Keyboard, I’ve been drooling over the idea of an iPad replacing my laptop.  It’s lighter, it looks cooler and … well, did I mention the looking cooler part?  I could easily carry it my Dorothy Lee iPad bag and still have room for lots more.

Loved Sara Dietschy‘s review on the new 2020 models. It answered my questions and then some.

For those of you not doing any video editing, it seems like new iPad can absolutely replace your iPad.  If you travel a lot and are a heavy email/keynote user (folks in sales, I see you) this setup makes a ton of sense.

Sara does mention however, that the Apple Air weighs about the same as the iPad 12.9″ and keyboard. If you don’t care about touchscreen this distinction matters.

Also Sara explains, if you are an illustrator this is the perfect setup.  My daughter Dorothy recently learned how to use Procreate so please don’t tell her about this distinction.  But if you want to use Procreate too I highly recommend Lisa Bardot‘s channel Bardot Brush. She’s a joy to watch.

Have you tried the new iPad yet? Would love to hear what you think.  Pretty soon I have to upgrade my tech, but it looks like it will be a new laptop instead.

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