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Monday’s Agenda


Today I’m anxiously awaiting the UPS truck.  Two bags have been randomly pulled from the 600 in China and are scheduled to be on my doorstep today.  Once I approve them the factory will ship the rest.

Those two bags will then get sent to the most interested retailer buyers.  Notice I said “most interested”.  Not largest or most potential.  The goal is to get a couple of wins under our belts!

Meanwhile, I’m working on Spring 2013 ideas.  What the colors might be, the feel and bag changes., etc.  To see my initial thoughts head over to Pinterest (like you’re not there anyway) to see my inspiration board for the next season.  The ideas all started with this ad from Jackie Smith.  I’m obsessed with it.

And yes, as always, I will take your color suggestions and requests.  Spring gives me the opportunity to get a bit crazier color wise, so don’t hold back!

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2 Responses to “Monday’s Agenda”

  1. nitcha says:

    Oh, the anticipation!

  2. Jana Sarmiento says:

    i hope i am included in the “most interested” list. i am dying to have one of your bags. 🙂

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